We see people telling history

One of the benefit of being a coach is the privilege to have conversation with people from CxO level, manager, engineer, operation and sales level. I get the hear and see (some people draw) the world view through different lens. It is very fascinating to hear them because they are not the same, some gives an exact lines of a certain people talk about it and some shares their interpretation. What strikes me most is not the history itself, it is how people tell the history.

This is what I see…

1. Openness, some people tell only what I want to hear but some are very open to share their opinion.
2. Focus, some people focus only their area but some have a more holistic view.
3. Memory, it’s fascinating to see different people remember different event over the same time.
4. Imagination, history itself is not only the truth but you also see how their imagination retrospecting the event, some are very inspiring storyteller.
5. Trust, how people give and take trust through their story.

While I spend time to read through notes, I am struggling to think whether we can tell their future through their world view. Will the interview give me the understanding of their attitude? I think NO because our video is not the same.

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