An accident, a blessing?

I got a Road Bike accident on the tenth of February, couldn’t move my left side of body for a week, admitted to the hospital. I still can’t lift my left arm well for another 4 weeks, still can’t take a deep breath because my rib is inflammatory.

I have found I am extremely blessed by the accident. Because I discover:

1. A true friendship from the people around me. They are not only call or visit me but cover my work while I recover.
2. I have time to focus and uncover a missing pieces in my start up, coaching , and consultancy work.
3. Knew that my bone is stronger than the car glasses because I manage to broke the car back windshield with my left shoulder without a single broken bone.
4. I found time to be with my lovely twins and wife which remind me that they are the most important thing in my life.
5. I lost my weigh because I just can’t eat a lot because my rib will move too much.
6. I have a chance be a left arm disable for 4 weeks to appreciate the left arm more, I am a right hander and missing left arm is not an easy life.
7. I don’t have to drive and appreciate my wife that she is a much better driver.
8. Get the read more books on top of my regular 5 books a week.
9. Have more time to reflect what I want in life and uncover the meaning of life in many aspect.
10. I can keep thanking on and on because I feel that everything happens for my good…

Above all, I just couldn’t find much to blame for what had happened…just couldn’t…thank God…I am a happy man.


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