I have QA team (others but not me)

One of the interesting observation when working with many team in my coaching career is how people would react to my questions about quality, product testing, A/B Testing, regression test, etc.

We have done the unit testing, and we are waiting for QA team to do it.

QA did it better. We just can’t do it like them.

Our server won’t be able to do it, sorry.

It will be very bias if we do the testing so it’s better QA/ Somebody else do it.

What! you expect the actual business flow to be tested in development environment, that’s just too expensive!

We don’t have enough time if we do more testing. Can we have more QA to do it?

Our developers are the expert in this field and they hardly made any mistake (from the records)

There are plenty more creative reason why quality can’t be done at the first line of code or test first along the first line of development.

I’m one of those people who stuck at the activities I have to do daily and ignore the value that I have to give as part of my daily activities. I just hope that people don’t repeat the same thing. How? I guess if we put our creativity on how to perform such tasks so we don’t have to spend time to defense why we need others to do quality work.

What’s your take?

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