22 Nov 2013 @TPSE Talk: Practicalities of Supplier and Vendor Management: Avoiding Pitfalls


22 November 2013 @Software Park Thailand, I will share about the supplier and vendor management. See more info at http://www.tpseconf.org…here’s some excerpt of the session

It’s one fine evening, sipping tea with a bunch of sourcing executive, general managers, and sales. A relaxed and friendly conversation about the latest vendors and a number suppliers that may not deliver what we expected.

Heck, it’s painful to see our familiar face under deliver and affecting the business so badly. The conversation was so alive that the solution is actually arisen in the conversation. I put in some notes and dig the world to find the practicalities of avoiding pitfall for Supplier and Vendor management.

You will hear rules of thumb on selecting the right vendors and suppliers. You may have a chance to share your questions that give me more homework to find you the solution. It’s going to be open and friendly talk as there is no book that talk about it well enough and there will never be.

See you all soon!

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