TPSE Talk @Software Park Thailand: Building High Performance Culture


I owe a big favor to Amr Elsamadissy as he taught me many things about Agile and Coaching.  It was a life changing experience to know the responsibility ladder which was well taught by Christopher Avery.

In the talk at Software Park Thailand for the first Thailand Practical Software Engineering Conference, I’m being honored to share the topic building the high performance culture as part of the project manager. Here’s the excerpt of the talk..

“Why and How project manager must deliver high performance culture as part of deliverables?”
By the book, project manager is tasked to deliver the project with standard project management triangle, time, budget, scope, with quality at the heart of the project. Nevertheless, far too many times, we witness the failure of the project especially software even though the project manager is so capable of delivering business needs. At time, project may seem to be successful but not long after the departure of glorified project manager, the project success is heading downhill. Together, we will exchange the experiences from the trenches that may change your perception on project manager roles and responsibilities. We will look at the basic human dynamic that will change your project result forever.

See you all tomorrow at the afternoon session, Software Park Thailand. For more information about the event go to



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