How to have sense of humor?

We all know that we want to be with the people who is fun to be with. The sense of humor is sometimes the talent that somebody posses as part of their nature. If you are such a person, I probably don’t need to congratulate you because you have already known that it’s taking you somewhere that many others pry their eyes with a little jealousy.

For those who might not naturally come with such talent, a few trick that may make you the person most people wanna be with,

  1. Joke around, this is a no brainer trick that many people think it’s too legacy and somehow forget about it. Find your joke and use it to entertain other people is a good starting point that anybody can do. If you don’t have one, google with simple keyword like “Joke”, you may surprise it is making your day a better day and you may well make other laugh with your joke as well.
  2. Goofy about yourself, pick a childish spot, sometime entertaining means going silly and childish. This means put away the sobers of your life for a few minutes and free yourself to the world of nonsense. Stop being rationale for a second and people around might feel a little secure to be near you because they feel that you are also human like them.
  3. Say “Yes” to something you normally wouldn’t do, Ah right, somebody call this craziness. This doesn’t mean you start hitting other people butt or burning your neighborhood house. There’s often fun to be had in pushing things slightly, but some people are hesitant to go there. The fun person helps everyone get into that territory. It takes skill and experience to know just how far to take things though. If you go too far, you can come off as insensitive, or make people uncomfortable.
  4. Helping others having fun, fun people also have a knack for bringing the people they’re with into fun scenarios. Some of them just simply know good places to go and fun things to do. Others have this hard-to-pin-down ability to just get everyone they’re involved with into crazy situations. Rather than make a normal response to a situation, they’ll be a bit more spontaneous and unpredictable and get all their friends involved in something memorable.

Fun people are good at convincing us to let loose a little more. Sometimes it’s because their own enthusiasm is infectious. At other times they have a skill for applying some light, harmless peer pressure (to get you to do something you’ll like anyways). The classic example is the person dragging their more reluctant friends onto the dance floor, where they start to have a good time once they get going.

It’s human and it is important to make people around you feel comfortable about themselves, enjoy life, and it does make whatever you are doing a bit more fun and hopefully more productive.


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One comment on “How to have sense of humor?
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    Someone can try to aim difficult, make an impression on glory more than opposition, not to mention learn to really infuse positivity and inspiration.

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