You are allowed to say “NO”

Can do attitude

I strongly believe in the people that having a “can do” attitude will eventually bring people to “somewhere” (fill in the blank). However, this “can do” attitude is often misinterpreted to be saying “Yes” to every opportunities that life has to offer.

However, when I look deep down there is a tendency when people always say “Yes” to everything want to share the world that we feel “fear” of what other people think about us.

As the rule of thumb, Saying “NO” is not so much about no. In fact, if we look at a different angle, when we say “No”, it actually means you say “Yes” to the things that matter most to us, especially respect those people who trust us enough to let doing something for them.

So part of my routine is keep telling people that work with me that “You have the right to say  NO”, something that not everybody who is asking for favor will do sincerely.



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