No, I don’t do Agile. I’m being agile

With all respect, many people approach me with the question such as

– Are you the one to doing Agile for the organization?

– Can you tell me how to do Agile in my team?

– Why Agile is so hard, how can I get one?

– etc.

My first question to those who want to do Agile is “Trust me, you don’t want to do Agile, it’s waste of time”, most response was a bit shocked and ask why. Why I am the Agile Manifesto Advocacy but keep telling people to go away with doing Agile.

And that’s where the conversation begin, it’s normally about 10-15 mins talk and they get the idea.

In brief, trust me, there is hardly any company in this world that want to do Agile because Agile itself is not putting bread on your table. The success of any company is the ability to being agile (as a verb) and use the Agile Manifesto as a guideline on how to achieve being Agile in software development.

So next time you want to do Agile, ask yourself, how can you apply the Agile Manifesto values to your daily work because you don’t want to do Agile, you want to live agile.

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