Inner Peace 內心平靜

inner peace


Bangkok is getting cooler during the past few days, 18 to 22 degree Celsius. Something which may be considered as summer for most European. I woke up quite early and spend time alone reading books, praying, and be silent. Yes, just be silent…

Regardless of your belief, when we take time alone with our mind, asking questions to ourselves and be silent…we often get to the point of understanding ourselves such as why we did what we did, why we react to a certain behavior different.

Personally, I found these questions invoke my subconsciousness….

Am I doing this to improve ourselves?


Am I just doing this to impress others?

The output of both questions might be the same but inner peace, which is the by product of the process of producing work, will vary.

I found my gem in these questions, I hope it may help others…

I have found my answer and that’s all matter most…because it’s very personal.


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